CEDECO is a Center for Professional Studies with official certification, a reference in Spain since 1960. With a wide and varied catalog of courses that encompass both online and face-to-face professional training and competitive examinations, CEDECO positions itself in the market as a leading company in the training of future professionals.

With more than 30 courses forming a diverse and complete catalog, CEDECO carries out a global communication specialized in the online medium in search of growth and recruitment.

Track with marketingpublicidad



  • Increase in search engine visibility and web positioning.
  • Improvement of the notoriety and brand positioning.
  • Definition of differentiated communication lines based on specific target audiences.
  • Constant capture of quality leads.

How are we achieving it?

With CEDECO, the challenge of relaunching a brand with many years in the market was raised, combining its vision, mission and values with a new graphic and communicative line that would be effective. For this, we based on a 360º proposal, which integrated both the online and offline media.

With campaign slogans such as “I know what you want to be” or “We do more with your future”, and continuously incorporating the newest formats and platforms, we take the online and offline media with powerful campaigns on social networks, search engines and digital sites , as well as posters, mupis and fences among others.


What are we getting?

An effective and complete
communication line

Be an innovative company
in the use of channels and formats

More than
85% of new users
captured every year

Decrease in CPL
by more than 40% in the last year

500 terms
positioned in Google

More than 30 landing pages
configured based on specific audiences under the premise mobile first

More than 50 videos designed and shot
for performance marketing campaigns