Crown Resorts

Crown Resorts is a group of holiday and tourist resorts especially suitable for families and couples looking for rest and enjoyment of an area marked by good weather such as the Costa del Sol.

With an eminently foreign audience, Crown Resorts seeks to position itself in the market as a place to relax and enjoy a vacation leaving behind the stress and routine of the day and get new members to join their community. All this through a clear, direct and simple communication that connects with our international audience.

Track with marketingpublicidad



  • Adaptation of the company to the online environment
  • Development of a communication strategy through social networks and opinion portals
  • Search engine visibility and brand awareness
  • Centralization of all web content management systems under a simple interface
  • Configuration of a useful and usable App for clients

How are we achieving it?

Crown Resorts came with the need to achieve a solid and useful online presence. The adaptation of the offline medium to the online medium became the main premise in the development of a global strategy.

Through the creation and configuration of a customized informative APP and a 100% customized content manager, we began the translation of a large company into the new medium.

All this is complemented with a strong SEO strategy, in Social Networks and through the complete management of opinions in portals such as TripAdvisor and Booking that would place Crown Resorts in a privileged place in front of its competition.


What have we achieved?

A fully customized content management system,
responsive, visual and usable

A multilingual
SEO strategy in growth

An active and direct communication
with our public

An advanced
multilanguage APP

70% of new users
captured since the beginning of the strategy

Improvement of the quality of the visits
increasing the permanence in page and the page views