Ybarra, with more than 170 years of history, is located in the food market as a reference in mayonnaise, sauces, vegetables and oils. With an extraordinary growth at a national and international level, it is considered today one of the leading brands in Spain for its quality, innovation, history and development.

Ybarra has managed to occupy a privileged place both in the minds of consumers and in all lines thanks to a consolidated marketing strategy.

Track with marketingpublicidad



  • Creation of a firm online community based on listening, trust and dialogue.
  • Improvement of the visibility, navigability and usability of the web.
  • Attracting new users and subscribers.
  • Increase in brand awareness: maintain and improve the position of the brand in the Top of Mind of people.
  • Loyalty: Make them part of our day to day and get them to remember our brand.

How are we achieving it?

Since 2013, we have carried out a joint digital communication strategy for Ybarra based on recruitment, interaction and loyalty. Using social networks, SEO positioning, quality content and campaigns, we managed to position the brand as a national and international benchmark.

A strategy that covers all levels of consumer interaction in the online world, from brand awareness to the purchase of the product.


What have we achieved?

Positioning as the Spanish brand of mass consumption
nº1 in social networks

11% of total fans, interactions and virality
of the consumer sector

50% more than interactions
on social networks every year

More than 1,5 millions
of video views in campaigns

More than 1000
terms positioned on Google

Annual increase of
70% of visits